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Why Girl Guide cookies are the ULTIMATE Canadian treat

We’re interrupting your day to bring you this important announcement: Girl Guide cookies are here. And they are the ULTIMATE in everything. Girl Guides sell some 6 million boxes of cookies every year. That’s a lot of tasty goodness. And … Continue reading

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How girls are building survival skills to navigate the digital wilderness

Phones. Tablets. Laptops. Snapchat. Instagram. Texting. Fake news. Selfie perfection. Sexting. Yup – it’s a digital minefield out there for girls. With countless options for connecting, sharing and shaping their identity online, there’s a lot for them to navigate. Yet, … Continue reading

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Lost: One camp blanket

My camp blanket is gone. I’d feel better if I’d left it behind at camp, or accidentally swapped it with another Guide, or if it had been the victim of a flooded tent (kidding! I don’t actually wish that). The … Continue reading

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My Guiding Journey

When I think of my journey through Guiding, I can’t help but reflect upon the inspirational leaders who have played such a major role in my life. These amazing women are always there for me in both the highs and … Continue reading

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What has Guiding taught me? Where do I begin!?

A few weeks ago, I was at a community breakfast for volunteers when a woman across the table spoke of how her organization had recently partnered with a local youth organization. I immediately mentioned my involvement in Girl Guiding and … Continue reading

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