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Feeling Safe

I’ve been thinking a lot more about safety and inclusivity lately. Just the other day, at work, in a room full of peers, superiors, and contractors, I was forced to justify some very personal choices and reveal a part of … Continue reading

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Being Gay in Guiding: How Guiding Supported Me When I Came Out, and How I Helped Make My Unit a Safer Place

In the beginning of my second year as a Pathfinder, I figured out that I was gay. Being in the closet was really hard for me. I felt like I was hiding such a big part of myself from everyone … Continue reading

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Guiding the Generation Gap

While the generation gap is not a new phenomenon, it is a topic that has seemed to take up a lot of space in media coverage, boardroom conversations and around the dinner table in the past few years.  There was … Continue reading

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Growing Guiding at Vancouver Pride

This is a wonderful guest (re)post written by Guider Tara, originally posted to her blog The Daisy Field. Tara shares her thoughts about the importance of growing Guiding and sharing the inclusive ideals of Guiding in places both near and … Continue reading

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North of 60: Guiding in Canada’s Far North

There are few of us who live North of 60, and even fewer members of Girl Guides. Living in Whitehorse has its advantages though – it’s got a road out! Thinking outside the box has always been easy for me … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference?

June 27th is Canadian Multiculturalism Day.  This day is an opportunity for us to celebrate our diversity, reaffirm our commitment to democracy, equality and mutual respect, and recognize the many contributions made by various ethnocultural groups and communities to Canadian … Continue reading

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This is what a female mentor looks like

We’ll admit it – Guiding wouldn’t exist without the amazing Guiders who put so much time and energy into creating great experiences for girls. Take 23-year-old Jessica Reid – she’s not only a full-time student at McGill University, but also a … Continue reading

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