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Going Wild in the City

Last month in Confessions of an ‘Urban Guider’, GGC guest blogger Tammy Sutherland called for making room within Guiding “for those who challenge themselves on asphalt and concrete as much as those that long for the wilderness.” The post got … Continue reading

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This Guider takes her Smartphone to Camp: A Coleman App Review

This guest post was graciously prepared by guest blogger and Guider Sarah. Recently, Sarah heard about the Coleman Camping Cookbook and Meal Planner App for the iPhone, and decided to download it for a camping trip. She wrote this review … Continue reading

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A Totally AWESOME Campfire

A few weeks ago, Guider Tammy blogged about Urban Guiding and how outdoor camping could be a deterrent for some adults who were interested in leading – but not camping. Today’s post is by Guider Stephanie, who shares her experience camping … Continue reading

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Confessions of an ‘Urban Guider’

Update: This post was voted as a 2011/2012 GirlGuidesCANblog Big Deal Seal winner in the Growing Guiding category! Bravo blogger Tammy! ———————————————— I am an Urban Guider. I used to almost be ashamed to admit it but as time has … Continue reading

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