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Girls Say: Why I Remember 14 Young Women

Our girl Members tell us: Why is it important for Canadians to remember the 14 young women who were killed in the Montreal Massacre, December 6th, 1989? Helen, 64th Edmonton Rangers (AB) and one of our #6teensfor16: The Montreal Massacre … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing

I went to my daughter’s parent/teacher interview the other night, and I was asked if I’d heard about the media storm that day.  Huh?   I soon learned that the media had descended like locusts to a prairie grassland to gobble … Continue reading

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Bullying: Why Can’t We All Just Be Nicer To Each Other?

Bullying – it pretty much sucks, doesn’t it? Every tease, every taunt, every eye roll and hair flip, every act of exclusion, every nasty text message – they all add up to feel like a thousand paper cuts to the … Continue reading

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