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How Guiding can be an incubator for girls exploring STEM

Scientific innovation – it’s  what propels the world forward and leads to the discoveries that make our lives healthier and better. On International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11), ideas for how to balance the gender equation … Continue reading

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Giving girls a space to try, fail, try again – and succeed

There’s a lot of judgment in today’s world but Guiding is a different kind of place for girls. In an accepting and judgement-free zone like Girl Guides, girls can seek challenges, try new things even if they might fail, learn … Continue reading

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How one girl found her voice through Guiding

Girls need a safe space where they feel supported, respected and valued for exactly who they are. A safe space where they can use their voice. Fortunately, Guiding offers just such a space. And our volunteer Guiders play a huge role in … Continue reading

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Confidence + independence: How Guiding sparked success for these Sparks alumni

“Sparks made me feel confident and independent. I loved that it gave me a chance to be the silliest, truest version of myself with a group of other girls.” Yes! For 30 totally amazing years, our Sparks program has sparked … Continue reading

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Six Important Things I Learned from Six-Year Olds

There are so many reasons to volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada. As Sparks marks its 30th anniversary, I thought I’d share a list of what I’ve learned from a group of five- and six-year olds: Lesson 1: Little Girls … Continue reading

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