Bringing the Sangam Spirit to your Unit: Ideas for a Sangam-themed Meeting

sangam_50th_logo_gold-2e16d0ba-fill-630x474-c50This fall, the Sangam World Centre is celebrating its 50th anniversary! To mark this milestone, we’re re-posting this blog with tips on helping girls feel connected to Sangam and the global sisterhood of Guiding.

Though Sangam is far away, you can bring a bit of the World Centre’s spirit to your unit through a Sangam-themed meeting. When you run a meeting about Sangam, you are helping girls learn about global Guiding and introducing them to the opportunities that the World Centres offer. Here are some activities that you can use to give your girls a taste of Sangam. Most of these activities can be modified for use with each branch.

First, activities like these can help you introduce Sangam to your unit:

Sangam World Centre question and answer hunt
Hide small pieces of paper with basic questions about Sangam around your meeting space; then hide the answers, too. Questions can include “Where is Sangam located?” “When did Sangam open” and “What does the word ‘sangam’ mean?” Have the girls find and match the questions and answers. Information to create these questions can be found on the Sangam website.

Find Sangam on a map
Have you girls mark Sangam on a globe or world map. Mark your meeting place on the map as well and talk about how you could get from your meeting place to Sangam. You can also have the girls find the other World Centres on the map.

Plan an imaginary trip to Sangam
Older girls can use Sangam’s website to research opportunities to go to Sangam as an event or community program participant, volunteer or intern. Ask girls to plan an itinerary and determine what clothes to pack. Pathfinders and Rangers could research visa requirements and make a budget based on the current exchange rate. Younger girls can learn about activities Sangam guests can try and draw pictures of what they would like to do if they visited Sangam.


Next, your unit could learn a bit more about Sangam through activities like these:

Learn Come into Sangam and sing it with your unit
Lyrics, sheet music and an audio file of the Sangam song are available here. You can also learn Sangam’s 50th Anniversary song, Sangam We Belong. An audio file is available here.

Design your own mehendi pattern
Mehendi is applied as a decoration to hands, arms, feet and legs for special occasions. You can find many examples of mehendi designs online. Have the girls trace their hands on construction paper and then draw their own mehendi designs on their paper hands.

Sangam_elephantMake your own Sangalee
Show your girls Sangam’s mascot, Sangalee the elephant, on the Sangam website. Plan an elephant craft for girls to make their own Sangalee.

Make sweet lime soda
Similar to lemonade, sweet lime soda is a popular drink in Pune, the city where Sangam is located. To make sweet lime soda, mix a few drops of lime juice and some sugar into glasses of soda water.

The Thinking Day Tree at the Sangam World Centre.

The Thinking Day Tree at the Sangam World Centre.

Write a Thinking Day message to Sangam
As Thinking Day approaches, your girls can write Thinking Day messages to Sangam. Younger girls can draw pictures to send as well. Thinking Day messages received by Sangam are displayed on Sangam’s Thinking Day Tree. Mail your Thinking Day messages to Sangam at the address here.

Melissa Moor was a Sangam Volunteer from September to December 2013. She is now a Guider in Montreal where she studies law at McGill University.


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