Behind the scenes: Girl Greatness Awards

Three  cheers for our new 2016 Girl Greatness Award recipients! These members reflect what girls in Guiding can achieve, no matter what their goals or what challenges they face. Find out what it’s like to be a part of this awards program from one of our volunteers.  Being part of the awards’ selection committee gives a unique look at just how widespread Girl Greatness really is.

Girl Greatness Award Pin

Girl Greatness Award Pin

Confidence. Resourcefulness. Courage. Making a difference. Reviewing applications for the Girl Greatness Awards reminds me that, every day, girls in Guiding are doing things that fit into these categories.

For the past two years, as a member of the Girl Greatness Awards selection committee, I’ve had the privilege of learning about how girls are overcoming challenges, accomplishing their goals and contributing to their communities. Girls and Guiders on the selection committee read through a set of applications nominating girls from one branch. I’ve read about learning a new language, welcoming new Brownies to a unit and courage in the face of health challenges. I’ve learned about girls who organize service opportunities on issues that matter to them, and who take action to ensure that we have more inclusive communities and healthier ecosystems.

Reading through these applications reminds me of how Guiding helps girl members grow up to be more confident, courageous and resourceful, with the drive to make a difference. Being part of the selection committee gives me a small taste of the great things that girls across Canada are doing and of the positive impact that Guiding has.

Participating in the Girl Greatness Awards selection committee is a unique volunteering opportunity within Guiding. It is a wonderful chance to connect with Guiding at the national level and a flexible way to get more involved, whether you’re a Unit Guider or not.

The Girl Greatness Awards encourage girls to recognize their peers and help us celebrate the accomplishment of our girl members. As a member of the selection committee, these awards help me learn about the amazing things girls in every branch are doing across Canada.

June14_MelissaMoorGuest post by Melissa Moor. Melissa is a law student at McGill University in Montreal and a member of the Canadian Guider editorial committee.

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