Community Counts – And So Do You!

As a Brownie (Leader), I am honest and kind. I help take care of the world around me.

One of my favourite badges to work on with our girls is the Community Counts badge. For us, it has taken many different forms over the years, but the enthusiasm is always the same.

The suggested requirements are:

  • Help a neighbour with a chore.
  • Take flowers or a card to someone at a seniors’ centre and visit with them.
  • Help out at a food bank, community garden or other community service.
  • Choose another way that you would like to serve your community, and do that.

You may remember a few years ago when Girl Guides of Canada offered their help in sorting cork so that it could be recycled. Well, we were one of those Units. Despite the fact that my father complained that his van smelled like a “drunk tank” every so often, we had a whale of a time.

We also regularly collect pop tabs (for wheel chairs), Campbell’s Soup Labels (for schools), and milk bags. Did you know that you can crochet milk bags into a sleeping mat? They’re great because the bugs won’t nest in the plastic! Go figure. Here’s my milk bag mat that I finished last spring:

Liz and her mat

Liz and her mat

If you are interested in collecting items for donation (and there are lots of them!), I have created a list of items, and locations for drop off. (This is generally in the Toronto area, but I’m sure some would relate nationally).

How do you show your community that they count?


Liz Voce. Photo credit: Takeshi Ochiai.

By guest blogger Liz Voce. Liz is a Professional Organizer in the Toronto area. She stays busy (but very organized) running her company Sort It. Read her previous posts on our GirlGuidesCANblog: The Crafty Cluttered GuiderGuiding Someone Through ‘Collecting’ Versus ‘Hoarding’ and Thrills, SPills and Chills.

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  1. Sort It says:

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    Take a look at my guest blog post for the Girl Guides of Canada 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m wondering what milk bags are. We don’t have those in BC.

  3. Genevieve Payeur says:

    I’m wondering if you could do this with recycled grocery bags ~ we don’t generally have milk bags here in AB unless you live in Calgary and Edmonton. But we definitely have lots of plastic bags!

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  5. Patricia says:

    Mary, thanks so much for your kind words! It’s thtouhgs like this that really drive home why I volunteer! I can’t wait to see Ella again next year in brownies, I am indeed a happy guider Jenn(Dream)

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