The World Girls Want for the(ir) Future

WAGGGS Consultation

WAGGGS Consultation

“Every kid should be safe and have a warm house. That house needs to be heated without hurting the environment. The whole family should have enough food. That’s part of the world we want for the future.

This is what the girls in my Guide Unit told me. They wanted to talk about big problems. They really wanted to talk about big solutions. Participating in the WAGGGS consultation gave them that opportunity.

WAGGGS recently launched a worldwide consultation called “The World We Want for Our Future.” A series of questions and activities that can be modified for any Unit, this consultation asks girls, “what does the world you want for the future look like?” The answers will inform WAGGGS’ efforts at international events including the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20.

Information from this consultation will remind world leaders that youth have opinions. This consultation reminded me that issues like climate change, health and poverty are not just adult issues.  It reminded me that girls need a safe space where they can talk about big problems and big solutions – and Guiding can be that space.

Any Guider can run this consultation.

WAGGGS provides engaging games that made addressing these issues fun and accessible for my Guides and Pathfinders.

My girls want a world where they can ride their bikes safely down the street; one that values and protects the ecosystems they live in. They also want a world where everyone is able to read and drink clean water like they can. It is our role as Guiders to help make this world possible.

Start the conversation! Ask the questions. Get involved. What do your girls want the future to look like? Finding out is the first step to getting there.

“The World We Want for Our Future” consultation ends March 23. Please consider participating!

Guest Blogger Melissa Moor

Melissa Moor

Melissa is a Queen’s University student and a Guider with the  5th Ottawa Brownies, 17th Kingston Guides, 17th Kingston Pathfinders.


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